Fleas are little wingless insects that feed on warm blood, especially of the pet animals. It is most prevalent in the case of cats and dogs. Ridding of fleas from your pets could be so frustrating and time-consuming besides being a costly affair. Just in case you are too exhausted of all the over-the-counter flea repellents, here are some natural and effective flea home remedies that could save a lot of your effort, time and money.

Fleas don’t only irritate the skin of your pets but get spread like wildfire quickly all over your house, especially where the pets rest. Most haunted flea homes are the indispensable carpets, couches etc. where the pets snuggle up. For an effective flea control, you have to work your ways with the pets, the house and the yard, so that you cover in entirety the areas inflicted by fleas.

1. The Pocket-Friendly Flea Repellent Spray For Pets


The greatest of remedies are from the simplest of things. Such is the apple cider vinegar or white vinegar, which is available at all times as a household product. It could save your pets too from the most frustrating fleas. Make your flea repellent spray at home by mixing 1 portion of Vinegar (Apple Cider or White Vinegar) to 1 part of water. Now the spray is ready to use. After applying the spray on the pet’s skin, let it dry for a while. It will be consumed by the skin and effectively tackles the infesting fleas.

Be cautious not to spray it in the eyes of your pet. All said and done, vinegar is still an acid and could cause irritation if sprayed by mistake on the eyes. Also, beware of cuts on your pet’s skin. Do not apply the spray on the cuts; it causes a sting and the pet could become cranky and irritated.

2. Flea Comb With Lemon Water For Pets

For your pets, it is also wise to use a very closely toothed comb to comb the miseries away! Yes, just comb your pet with a fine-toothed comb to get rid of the eggs of the fleas. Bring three slit lemons to a boil in a pot of water, let the essence of lemons seep in really well. Remove the lemons and use the lemon water to dip in the comb before using it on the pet. This lemon water combing treatment not only keeps the fleas away but leaves a pleasant mild fragrance on your pets.

3. Baking Soda As A Pet Shampoo


Mix in 1 tablespoon of baking soda to 1.5 cups of warm water. Apply this on the fur of your pet and brush it in deeply to get rid of the dead skin and the infestation of fleas. Baking soda with water should not be applied to the face area. Be careful while applying and rinse it properly. Usage of this method in regular intervals can be very efficient. It is an odorless mix which is also safe on the skin.

4. Strange Remedy-Fruit As A Flea Killer- Horse Apples

Horse apples are effective in killing fleas. Have you heard of it before? For those who are hearing it for the first time, here you go. Horse apples are from the Mulberry family. They are also called as Osage orange or hedge apple. All that has to be done to rid your house of fleas is to identify the key areas of infestation and make sure you split the apple and place it there. Mostly the window sills, rooms and hallways. Let them be there till they dry and even after drying. This fruit is a traditional flea repellent. Take advantage of this God given fruit to keep the fleas out of your home.

5. Citronella Oil To Curb Fleas


Essential oil like the citronella oil is safe to use on pets and all around the house where kids play. Citronella is an effective flea repellent which is used from ancient times. Apply citronella oil on your pet and also mop your floors and other flea infested areas with a few drops of this oil along with water. The scent of this oil drives away the fleas and helps in safeguarding your pretty pets and precious house.


6. Attack Fleas While You Sleep With Soapy Water Trap


Fleas can drown to death while you sleep, with this simple yet effective flea home remedy. Fill a shallow bowl with lathery water and place it under the night light. Dispose of the water every morning and refill till you are satisfied with evacuating the fleas.





7. Boric Acid Brilliance


Just like the table salt, you could also use the boric acid as the flea home remedy in the infested areas of your house. Be extremely careful while handling the boric acid powder. First things first, label your boric acid container and never keep it in children’s reach. Wear a glove if you have a very sensitive skin and cautiously spray it evenly to kill fleas. During application, a soft brush could come in handy to spread the boric acid powder in intricate areas. Discoloration is a threat. Test it in minimalistic proportion on your carpet first before you take a deep dive into the extensive application.

8. Table Salt The Savior

Table salt could also be used to get rid of the fleas. Ensure you vacuum the house before sprinkling the table salt, especially on your pricy carpets. An even coating of table salt could kill the fleas and when vacuumed next day, after the table salt treatment, the carpet will be a safe place of solace.

Whatever you choose as a method to prevent infestation of the fleas, be wise to use them in moderation. Take utmost care when you have kids around. Take the precautionary measures to not hurt yourself. One last word of advice- it is always better to be well prepared to prevent the infestation of fleas, rather than to tackle them once thoroughly infested. Be proactive and begin the cleaning well before the flea season to save your energy and most precious time.

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