In today’s world stress and anxiety can be harder to overcome or avoid. At some point, we all worry about financial problems, work struggles, and family issues.  There are many causes of anxiety which over a period of time can develop a mental disorder. If it is not cured timely, one may have to face serious consequences. Don’t  get stress out, there are many home remedies for anxiety readily available to help you. There are many factors behind this mental situation which include lack of balanced food, sufficient sleep, and depression as well as adrenal changes with age.

10 Best Home Remedies For Anxiety

Here are some of the remedies you can quickly try:

1. Lavender

home remedies for anxietyLavender has properties that can help you to relax and get relief from depression. It has elements such as linalyl and linalool that can help to counter the depression and has a soothing effect. In order to get these benefits, you can take a few drops of lavender oil and boil in a couple of cups of water.

You can inhale the steam to get quick relief. You can also take a mixture of a little almond oil, any base oil with olive oil and lavender oil in equal amount. You can then rub this mix on different areas such as your back, shoulders, and neck. You can use this remedy without any adverse effects until the situation improves.

2. Oranges

This citrus fruit can help to calm the nerves. It can also help to boost immunity as well as counter the depression. Peel an orange and smell the peel which can improve the mood in just a little time. One can also drink the fresh orange juice mixed with a little honey. Consume it for several times for some days.

3. Rosemary

treat anxiety at home

Among anxiety home remedies, the rosemary is also much helpful to improve the mood. The smell of rosemary can help to stimulate the circulation and relax digestive muscles.

One can take two spoonfuls dried rosemary and a cupful warm water. Let them mix for 10 minutes and then strain the mix. One can drink the mix every day till he feels relaxed.

4. Almonds

Almonds are known for their content of Omega-3 fatty acids that can help one to improve the mood as well as relax from anxiety. One can take ten almonds and soak them for a night in ordinary water. Next morning just peel the skin and grind the almonds to make a fine paste. One can also add a pinch of ginger as well as nutmeg to the paste and add it to cupful milk. Consume the milk every morning for a few days till the disorder is improved.

5. Chamomile

anxiety remedies

To relax and avoid drowsiness one can use chamomile powder. To have this remedy one can mix three spoons dried chamomile with hot water. One can stir the mix for five minutes and then strain it.

One can also add cinnamon and honey to the mix to have a quick result. One can consume this drink for several times a day for almost a month and feel the difference.

6. Lemon Balm

For those who want to know how to get rid of anxiety, the lemon balm is also a useful solution. One can mix a spoonful lemon balm to hot water and let it remain for 10 to 15 minutes, but one must take care that the aroma is not evaporated with vapor and hence need to cover the vessel. One needs to consume a cup of this mix every night before going to sleep for a few days to improve the situation of anxiety. However, one must not use it in excess else it can increase the anxiety also.

7. Nutmeg

nutmeg for anxiety

It is a known aromatic spice that helps one fight depression, anxiety and promotes relaxation. It also helps to have a sound sleep and hence those who need to counter insomnia this is a wonderful remedy.

One can directly inhale the smell of nutmeg to avoid brain exhaustion and improve mood. One can also add a little nutmeg to regular food also to have quick relief for anxiety. However, those who have psychiatric conditions must not use this remedy to a large extent.

8. Fennel

This herb can help the nerves calm and relax in anxiety disorder. It has an anxiolytic effect due to the content of volatile oils. One can take 5-6 drops of fennel oil on a piece of cloth or tissue and inhale the aroma for almost an hour. One can continue with the same for a few days to feel perfectly relieved. One can also consume fennel tea before or after the meal and cure the anxiety disorder.

9. Massage

The body massage can help one to heal the anxiety to a great extent. One can go for a massage to head, neck, back and shoulder as well as feet to feel relieved. For better results, one can go for coconut oil, sesame oil, sunflower or even corn oil. The massage must be taken in the morning and before bath. One can also go for the massage before going to bed at night so that can have significant relief in anxiety. One must avoid smoking and consumption of liquor while he is going for massage as a therapy for this disorder.

10. Bath

Top-10-Home-Remedies-For-AnxietyOne may wonder how a bath can help cure anxiety. The hot water can help one feel relaxed and calm down. One can add a spoonful baking soda and grated ginger to the bath water and feel the tub with warm water before going for a bath. Just soak self for 10 to 15 minutes in this water and feel the difference. One can also add various essential oils such as lavender, jojoba, chamomile and bergamot to the bathing water and use it to relax with bath.

Hence with proper home remedies in right way can help one to relieve from anxiety without spending huge money on various other treatments as per different branches of the medical science.

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