The bond between humans and dogs goes back centuries, and this loyal pet has yet maintained its place among the pet lovers. There are many families where a pet dog is as good as a family member only. The fleas on your loving pet make it uncomfortable and even sick over a period. Hence it must be of great importance for a dog owner to remove fleas as soon as they are found on your dog. There are many home remedies for dog fleas that you can try at home without wasting much time and money behind this menace.

10 Best Home Remedies For Dog Fleas

Here are some of the remedies that can be helpful to the dog owners to keep their pet free from fleas:

1. Lemon Spray

best home remedy for fleas on dogsThough this remedy is much useful, you need to act with little care. Just take a lemon piece and squeeze juice from it. Now fill the juice as well as the lemon in a spray bottle. Add some water to the lemon juice.

Keep this concoction as it is for a night and next morning spray it on the dog. Fleas are allergic to lemon and hence will not trouble the dog again, but be careful to wash the skin and the hair of the dog after some time. You must be careful while spraying this juice as it must not be spread to the eyes of the dog.

2. Herbal Spray

There is also an herbal spray you can make at home with the use of Vinegar, lemon juice, and water as well as witch hazel. You needs to have 4 liters of vinegar, and 2 liters of water, 500 ml lemon juice and 250 ml witch hazel to prepare this herbal spray.

Now you need to spray this herbal spray in each and every corner of the house. You must cover each area wherever the pet moves, whether it is a bed, carpet, corner or even a sofa. You can spray this herbal spray every 4th day initially when there are an enormous number of fleas in the season. Later, once the number of fleas is significantly low can go for once a week. It is a powerful spray and tremendously useful also.

3. Diatomaceous Earth

home remedies for dogs with fleas

You can get the DA at any pet store easily. You can apply the earth on the skin of the dog and flea will keep a distance from the pet.

4. Vinegar

For keeping the fleas at a distance from the pet, vinegar is much helpful. You can mix a spoonful vinegar with a cup of water and apply the mix to the areas where the dog keeps on scratching. If the fleas bite the dog, this will be too helpful. Here you must note that vinegar tends to dry the skin and hence you must not apply it much else the dry skin of the dog can add to his troubles. In that case, you can use the flea comb also which can offer desired results in a few trials only.

5. Cooking Oil

Home Remedies For Dog Fleas 2

Among the home remedies for dog fleas, the cooking oil is considered as much efficient and handy for you. Applying this remedy is pretty simple and doesn’t require much time. It just takes a few minutes to finish the process.

To try this remedy, you just have to mix a few drops of cooking oil with dog shampoo and around 5 cups water to the mix. While bathing the dog, use this mix and wash the skin well. It will not harm the skin of the dog, but the fleas will be running away from it due to the smell of the oil.

6. Boric Acid

Boric acid is also a useful element against the fleas. It works like salt, and if the insects consume it, they are severely dehydrated, which ultimately result in their killing. However, if there are kids in home, you needs to use this remedy with much care. You can also mix a little salt with boric acid for an effective result.

7. Horse Apple

 home remedies for dog fleasBotanically it is known as Maclura Pomifera, and it is also known as Osage orange in common parlance. It is also a good alternative to remove the fleas from dogs. The application of this fruit is too simple. You just need to take a green horse apple and cut it into pieces.

Keep these pieces to each and every area wherever you can notice the fleas. The fleas don’t like the smell of this fruit and hence avoid being in this field. The best part here is you can use the fruit until it is completely dry. Hence, you fruit can serve the purpose from you to two months easily. It is also you of the time-tested home remedies for dog fleas to keep them away.

8. Salt Solution

Salt is also a vital element to keep the fleas under check. It is a cheap and you of the most effective solutions for all the home remedies. You can use sea salt or even table salt for this purpose. It causes dehydration among the fleas and kills them over a period. You need to spread the salt all around the areas where fleas are frequently noticed. You need to leave the area with the salt spread for almost 24 hours to see the effect. After a couple of days just vacuum the room of your pet so that there will be no fleas to trouble it again.

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9. Garlic Water

You can take a few cloves of garlic and crush them in a cup of water. For larger areas, you can take more water and cloves. Just spread this water in all the corners of the area. You can also spray a little water on the hair of the pet. The fleas will instantly move away from the animal as they don’t like the smell of garlic.

10. Essential Oils

home remedy for fleas on dogs

There are a few oils that you can mix with a carrier oil and use it evenly in the area where fleas are more. These oils include Lavender, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Palmarosa, and Cedar. You can use a few drops of any of these oils on the banana of the dog to keep the fleas away.

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