Lice are the most common parasites that are considered much harmful for the head. They are small parasites which one can hardly see with naked eyes. They feed on the blood and develop faster which makes it much difficult to remove them completely in a little span. Usually, they are primarily seen among the kids, and the primary sign of lice on the scalp is itching where the child cannot resist from itching the head at all. One may have red bumps also on the head. The combing is the best option to remove the lice but as these parasites are rapidly developed one has to go for different home remedies for head lice. They can help one to relive faster from this itching.

The first question comes here is how the lice spread. They are the small parasites that can move from one person to another particularly among kids when they play together or use a comb, clothes or other items of each other. If one sleeps in the bed of a person infected with lice, may also have to suffer from these tiny insects. One can try a few home remedies for lice which are provided here.

Home Remedies For Head Lice

1. Salt

With the help of salt properties of desiccation that can make the lice kill in a short span. To use this other one must mix a quarter cup of vinegar with a quarter cup of salt. Rub the solution on the scalp particularly in the roots of the hair where usually the lice get feed. Leave the mix there for around two hours and rinse the hair as well as condition them well. This remedy can be repeated by every three days to have desired results.

2. Baby Oil


To remove lice from roots one can also use baby oil as a home remedy. To make it more effective one can mix laundry detergent, as well as white vinegar. The baby oil is a little sticky and hence can suffocate the lice while the laundry detergent and vinegar can remove the lice. After applying the baby oil for five minutes just start combing the hair. One can notice the removal of lice with each combing. Now wash the hair with laundry detergent and lukewarm water. It can help one get a quick result to remove the lice from roots. For the immediate result, one can use this remedy every four days.

3. Olive Oil


Olive oil is also much known as a lice killer. One can apply the oil on scalp and hair roots before going to bed and leave it overnight. Use shower cap for effective result. In the morning just comb the hair and remove all the dead lice. Wash the hair with a quality shampoo and also conditioned them. One can also mix a half cup of olive oil to half cup of conditioner and liquid soap also. Apply the mix on the scalp and leave it for around an hour. Now just comb the hair and remove all the dead lice. One can try this remedy for once in a week to have fine results.


4. Sesame Seed Oil


This oil is much famous for its anti fungal as well as antibacterial properties and hence one can use it as an effective remedy to remove the lice from the head. Take three spoonful sesame seed oil and 1 spoonful neem oil, mix it with one teaspoon of tea tree oil and a half teaspoon of eucalyptus as well as rosemary oils. Add around 10 drops of lavender essential oil also. Now just rinse the hair with apple cider vinegar and let it dry also. Now apply the mix of oil on scalp and hair. Keep it overnight and comb hair to remove the dead lice. Now shampoo the hair and conditioned it. For effective results, one can use it for twice a week.

5. Garlic

Garlic is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The smell of the garlic can kill the lice. To make an adequate remedy just take 10 cloves of garlic, and mix it with 3 spoonfuls of lime juice. Apply the mix and leave it for around 30 minutes. Wash the hair with hot water. One can also make a paste by mixing cooking oil, green tea, lemon extract, shampoo, and conditioner. Mix them well and apply on scalp.
Leave it for 30 minutes. Wash the hair with a quality shampoo and conditioned them. One can try this remedy every week for around a month or so to see the results.

6. Petroleum Jelly


Petroleum jelly can restrict the movement of the lice and hence one needs to apply it before going to bed. Leave it overnight and next morning, apply the baby oil. Now comb the hair and remove all the dead lice. This remedy can be tried once a day also to have a quick result.

7. Tree Tea Oil

One can also use tea tree oil as one of the head lice home remedies. Just mix a teaspoon of tea tree oil with three teaspoons of coconut oil and add one-ounce shampoo to the mix. Apply the mix to the scalp and massage it gently. Leave it for around 30 minutes and wash the hair with warm water. Now comb the hair, and one can see the dead lice in the comb. Here one must not apply the tree tea oil to the scalp directly else it can harm the skin.

8. White Vinegar

Home Remedies For Head Lice-4

This is also a time-tested home remedy useful against lice. Take white vinegar and mix equal amount of water to dilute it. Now apply the mix and leave it for two hours. Now take a comb, dip it into white vinegar and comb the hair. Take only a small section at a time and comb it thoroughly. It can help one to remove the lice without any damage to scalp skin.

9. Coconut Oil

The coconut oil mixed with apple cider vinegar can also be proved as a useful option against lice. Just mix them and apply on scalp. Leave it for around 7 hours and wash the hair. The lice will be gone.
Mayonnaise: Apply mayonnaise all over the scalp and leave it for seven hours. Now shampoo the hair and comb it to remove the dead lice. One can use this option once in a week to remove all the lice forever.

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