Pink Is Red!

It’s called pink eye, but this is the common name given for conjunctivitis which is nothing but the redness of the eyes. Since the eye is a sensitive and important part of the body, it is always better to visit a doctor and take medical advice you feel that infection is severe and may not go with the help of home remedies for pink eye. Along with pink eye, sometimes there is also some swelling in the eyes. It is also painful at times and in any case you will feel irritation in the eyes and there could also be some drainage from the eyes. It is contagious as well and so one needs to be careful not to spread it to others.

The pink eye is caused due to viral or bacterial infections, certain chemicals or fumes, some allergies or even at times dry eyes due to extreme exposure to the sun and the wind. In these, it is the viral and the bacterial variety that is contagious.However, there are a few harmless tips and techniques that you can attempt if you feel so.

Home Remedies For Pink Eye

1. Using A Compress


A compress is made out of a clean cloth by soaking it in water and then wringing it out. This cloth can then be applied gently on the closed eyelids to get some relief. Interestingly, for a few people, it is a cold compress that works and provides relief, whereas for others it could be a warm compress. You could check this out and see what works best for you.

Caution to be taken here is that the same compress should not be used for both eyes, it is better to use different ones. And also in case only one eye is affected, then only use the compress on that. This compression process can be repeated many times a day for maximum benefits.

2. The Wonder Remedy – Salt Water

It’s unbelievable, but true, that salt water seems to be an effective home remedy for many infections. It is used effectively for a sore throat, athlete’s foot etc. The lesser known fact is that it also helps in curing pink eye. A sterile salt water wash, done a couple of times a day, aids a lot in providing relief from pink eye.

3. Don’t Tell Me – Potato!!!!

All of us love to gorge on potatoes in various forms, boiled, mashed, fried, salads etc. This is one of the most favorite vegetables around. But you would never have believed that the potato can also be used in the treatment of pink eye. It is said that fresh slices of raw potato kept on the eyes provide an immense soothing effect on the eyes. It aids in reducing the pain.

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4. Honey Based Remedy


This is a lesser known pink eye home remedy. But this remedy is as per the principles of Ayurveda, the age-old treatment method prevalent in India. Honey, as we are aware, is used in many home remedies for cold, cough, sore throat etc. This is because it helps fight bacterial infection as well as provides a soothing effect.

Thoroughly mix two tablespoons of honey in 2 cups of hot water and allow it to cool. This combination can be used to wash your eyes twice a day. However, please do a patch test and if you feel that the irritation or swelling in the eye has increased, then please discontinue the same and immediately seek professional help.

5. Breast Milk Or Not?

Many write-ups and old wives tales suggest that a few drops of breast milk as one of the effective home remedies for pink eye. We have heard many old grannies say that breast milk is a cure for many of the infections that infants suffer from. There are no scientific studies and endorsements that prove that breast milk does indeed help cure eye infections like pink eye.

However, there are many mothers and grannies out there who will swear by this method. Unless of course you are a breastfeeding mom yourself or have one in the house, this remedy is any way ruled out.It is advisable to forego this option for the sake of others if you can so that you don’t end up with any unwanted complications.

6. Coriander Leaves Wash

Home Remedies For Pink Eye


Coriander leaves which usually sits on the kitchen table and is used to add flavor to food can also be useful in treating pink eye!!! But as per certain Ayurvedic texts, fresh coriander extract mixed with sterile water can be used to wash your eyes to treat pink eye effectively.

This wash, done two to three times a day is said to reduce pain and swelling and also give alleviation from the burning sensation of the eyes.

Other Options

Washing eyes with borax dissolved water or a mixture of alum and rose water etc, are also home remedies for pink eye. Another easy home remedy is to consume gooseberry (amla) juice along with honey. It helps in the cure, and better to avoid spicy foods that heat up your body and instead try to intake fresh leafy fruits and vegetables that provide a cooling effect. A few other remedies suggest neem paste, turmeric based compresses, a parsley water wash etc.

You can check this out with some qualified naturopath or Ayurvedic doctor, better to avoid unknown remedies. After all, the eye is something with which we cannot afford to take a chance. Infection is meant to die down on its own, use the simple home remedies for healing process. Visit a doctor and get a close of antibiotics, symptoms and infections persist for more than 6 to 7 days.