The ringworm has got its name from its characteristic where one can see the fungal infection on the skin in a ring shape only. It is a skin disease that can spread into other areas also if not cured on time. There are two types of ringworms one is for the scalp, and another is for the body. There are some ringworm home remedies available with the help of which this skin disorder can be controlled and cured over a period. If one wishes to cure this disease, he must act fast with the home remedies.

Below are the home remedies that can help one cure the ringworms:

Home Remedies For Ringworm

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

For almost all the diseases one of the most useful home remedies is available in any home in the form of this vinegar. For the ringworm which is a skin disease caused by fungi, there are ringworm home remedies that one can opt for. One can use this vinegar for healing in a limited span. The Apple Cider Vinegar has acidic properties that can eradicate the fungi and hence heal the area affected with ringworm.

To apply this vinegar, one needs to have the vinegar and a few cotton balls. Now clean the area and smear the vinegar with the help of the cotton ball. One can use this remedy for 3-4 times a day, however, before the application of vinegar, one must test it for skin sensitivity and if there is any itching or burning sensation one must not try this remedy.

2. Tea Tree Oil


This oil also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that make it a perfect cure for ringworm. First one needs to clean the area affected with ringworm. Then take a spoonful oil and apply the oil with the help of the cotton ball. In case one feels any irritation just dilute the oil with the support of the warm water. One can repeat this remedy for almost five times a day to have a quick healing.

3. Garlic

Garlic is known for some known health benefits, and raw garlic can also be used to cure the skin disease such as ringworm. One can take two cloves of garlic and three spoonful honey as well as olive oil. Here one must note that honey and olive oil must be in their purest form. One can crush the cloves and mix it with honey as well as olive oil to make a fine paste. One can apply the paste directly to the ringworm area and leave it for around an hour. After an hour wash the area with warm water. One can use this remedy for around two weeks to get rid of ringworm.

4. Raw Papaya


Raw Papaya is also known as green papaya and has enzymes such as chymopapain and papain. These enzymes are much useful to counter the yeast, fungus and bacterial infection to the skin. One can take a raw papaya and make pieces. Now apply the pieces to the affected area directly and leave them there for around 10 minutes. One can also make a paste of it and apply the paste to the area affected with ringworm. Using this remedy for 2-3 times can help one cure it quickly.

5. Turmeric Oil And Powder

The turmeric also has some helpful elements that can heal the ringworm. One can take turmeric powder and mix it with normal water. Make a paste and apply it to the area of the ringworm. One can keep the paste for 15-20 minutes and then wash the area with mild soap and clean water. In the case of the use of oil, one can just apply a few drops of turmeric oil to the affected area. This remedy may take around a week to cure the ringworm completely.

6. Lemongrass


This herb has natural antiseptic as well as antibacterial properties that can be used to cure ringworm. One can take a few leaves of lemon grass and crush them well. Now add a little buttermilk to make a paste. Keep the same on the affected part for around half an hour and then wash the area with clean water. Repeat the remedy for three times a day, and in a short period, the ringworm will vanish.



7. Coconut Oil

For any skin disease application of coconut oil is almost infallible. It possesses Lauric acid that can help to heal the skin. Use of this oil is also much simpler. One can take a few drops of coconut oil and rub it on the ringworm affected area. One can leave the oil for around half an hour and then wash the area. Repetition of this remedy for around 3-4 times a day can help to have quick results.

8. Grapefruit Seeds


One can use the properties of grapefruit seed extracts that can cure the ringworm. One can take 4-5 drops of this extract and mix it with three spoons warm water. One needs to apply the oil on the affected area for three times a day to have a positive result in a week or so.



9. Salt

Salt can also be used to cure the ringworm. Just take half cup of salt and mix it with warm water in the tub. Soak the infected area in this water for 15-20 minutes and then wash it with clean water. One can also use sea salt and make a paste of it. Now rubbing of this paste for 20 minutes on the affected area can help one to get rid of ringworm quickly. One can also mix a little vinegar to salt and make a paste to apply on the area. Three times application of this remedy can help one relieve from ringworm in a week.

10. Olive Leaf Extracts


The olive leaf extracts mixed with olive oil can be applied to the affected area directly. One can keep the paste there for 20 minutes and then wash the area. It can help one to cure ringworm in around ten days.

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