Oral thrush is a common disease which can be there for kids as well as grown-ups. It is also known as Candidiasis in medical parlance. It is a problematic condition when one may be scared of drinking water also as it can also cause pain and burning sensation on the skin. It is also an infectious disease and hence needs to be cured on an immediate basis. There are some proven home remedies for thrush available that can be used and get rid of this disease.

Here are a few useful home remedies for oral thrush that can help one relieve from pain faster.

Home Remedies For Thrush

1. Oregano Oil

Oregano Oil Remedy For Thrush

Oregano oil has properties that can control the development of the yeast, which is responsible for oral thrush. This oil is widely used as a home remedy for oral thrush where one can take just 2-3 drops and mix the same with the olive oil of 1 teaspoon. Just spread this mix on the tongue and other affected areas in the mouth for 10 minutes, and one can note the difference. One can go for two to three times for this remedy per day to have quick results. One can also consume a glass of water mixed with three drops of oregano oil twice in a day to get relief from oral thrush.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

This vinegar is much helpful to cure some diseases. It helps to have a right pH level and fight the growth of the yeast that causes infection. Just mix two spoonful vinegar with half teaspoon salt as well as a cup of warm water. Rinse the mouth with this solution few times a day to have the best result.

3. Coconut Oil

The oil of coconut is known for its remedial uses and hence one can use the same in the case of oral thrush also. Just apply the coconut oil on the affected area and wash mouth with it. One can also gargle with water mixed coconut oil for fast relief. One can also swish the coconut oil in the morning for around 10 minutes in case of thrush and then rinse the mouth with warm water. It can also offer quick result to overcome the situation of oral thrush.

4. Garlic

Garlic Remedy for Thrush

The anti fungal property of garlic can help one to cure the thrush. It also contributes to relieve from digestive problems also. One can chew three cloves of raw garlic for a few days. One can also try with garlic capsule or tablet. The garlic oil can be directly applied to the tongue and other areas which are affected with thrush. Hence the garlic can be much helpful to relieve from oral thrush.

5. Salt

The table salt is also one of the many known oral remedies for thrush. Take a glass of warm water and mix a teaspoon of salt in it. Gargle with this mix for several times in a day. One can also apply salt to the affected area directly and leave it there for a few seconds. Now wash the mouth with warm water and experience the difference in pain. Go for this remedy twice a day till the situation is improved.

6. Yogurt

Curd Best Remedy for Thrush

The yogurt has lactobacilli species of bacteria that can help to cure thrush. This probiotic also contributes to having better digestion and hence the yeast infection can be controlled. However, one needs to use plain yogurt only for this remedy. One can consume around 3 cups of yogurt per day for some weeks. One can also take some yogurt on the finger and apply it on the tongue. Now rub the yogurt on all over the tongue. Let it be on the affected area for 10 minutes and then rinse the mouth. This remedy twice a day can help to heal thrush.

7. Tea Tree Oil

This oil is also much effective in the case of the oral thrush. It has anti fungal properties that can help one to control the yeast and heal the thrush. To use this remedy one can take five drops of tea tree oil and mix it with warm water. Gargle with this solution for some time and use this remedy for four to five times a day to heal the thrush. Be careful that the tea tree oil is not swallowed else it can be harmful also.

8. Baking Soda

This soda can kill the yeast and hence relieve one from infection. To have quick healing one can take two spoon soda and make a paste by mixing it with normal water. One can take help of a cotton ball to apply the combination on the tongue as well as other areas which are infected. Now rinse the mouth with fresh water. Try this remedy for 2-3 times a day.

9. Cinnamon

Among all the home remedies, the cinnamon is a much-known home remedy for thrush. One can add a little cinnamon powder to tea and drink one or two cups of the same per day. Only a half teaspoon of cinnamon powder can be helpful for two cups of tea. Just mix them, strain the mix and drink the tea. One can also add a little lemon juice to this mix. Here one must note that a pregnant woman must not go for cinnamon powder as it can lead to some side effects.

10. Olive Leaf

Olive Leaf Remedy to Get Rid Thrush

The antifungal properties of Olive Leaf can be much helpful to get over the oral thrush. One can take 250 grams olive oil extracts thrice a day. One can also go for olive leaf tea where two teaspoons of these leaves can be mixed with warm water. Keep the mix for 15 minutes and strain the mix before consuming it. This tea can help one to have fast healing in case of oral thrush.

These all are home remedies that take a little time to cure the oral thrush, but one needs to make constant efforts for the same.

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