Although sex is fun, sexually transmitted diseases are not. Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease, which is caused due to a parasite which is transmitted from one infected partner to another.  The parasite that causes Trichomoniasis is called as Trichomonasvaginalis and affects men and women, although women are infected more than men. The symptoms of this infection can be quite embarrassing, and so here we bring to you some of the quickest to use home remedies for Trichomoniasis.

10 Home Remedies For Trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis affects women more than men and millions of new sexually active women are the infected every year. It is more commonly known as ‘Trich, ’ and the symptoms for men and women are different. Men often tend to ignore these symptoms. Symptoms for men include irritation inside the penis, slight burning after urination or ejaculation and mild discharge and for women the symptoms are greenish-yellow vaginal discharge with strong odor, painful urination, itching and irritation in the pubic area, pain during discomfort and in some rare cases it also includes pain in the lower abdomen.

home remedies for trichomoniasis

Some of the methods for Trichomoniasis home treatment are:

1. Tea tree oil

Just a drop of tea tree oil has a magical effect on the skin. It has amazing medicinal properties which can treat many skin infections including Trichomoniasis. It is extremely strong oil and so make sure you do a patch test on the skin before you use it on your vagina. If you feel that the oil is too sensitive for your skin, then you can dilute it with another oil like olive oil or almond oil. To use tea tree oil to treat Trich, you need to dip a cotton ball in the oil and apply it on the vagina. You can also make a solution of tea tree oil with water and use it as a douche.

2. Bergamot

It is a cold pressed essential oil which is made by pressing the rind of the Bergamot orange fruit. It has many medicinal uses and is also commonly used in perfumes. It has natural anti-bacterial and antibiotic properties which can quickly disinfect and fight the infection. This citrusy essential oil helps trichomoniasis treatment when you apply it on the vagina. Add a few drops in your bath tub and soak yourself in the tub for a few minutes. You can even use it as a douche for quicker relief from pain.

3. Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver uses a clever way to kill the parasites from the core. They are used to treat many ailments. Although there is no scientific data to support the claim, Colloids have been used by people all around the world to treat infections like sinus, pneumonia, flu, eye and ear infection. Colloidal silver acts like victims and attaches itself to the parasite and eventually sucks out the life of the parasite. You can apply a drop of it to the vagina, and it can also be consumed orally to improve the immune system which goes a long way in stopping the infection in future.

4. Garlic

The strong smelling herb with pungent taste is the biggest parasite killer of all times. Just like tea tree oil, garlic can kill the Trichcausing parasites as it contains many antibacterial and antibiotic properties. Eating garlic every day improves the immune system of the body and also fights all kinds of parasites from within. If you feel that garlic cloves are too strong for you, then you can try using garlic supplements, but nothing is as effective as natural herbs.

5. Yogurt

Good bacteria can kill the bad bacteria, and so using this formula eating yogurt every day can treat Trich. Yogurt consists of Lactobacillus which fights the unwanted bacteria and parasites from the system. It also provides with essential vitamins and minerals. One cup of yogurt every day boosts your immune system, eliminates toxins and fights infection. You can also try applying yogurt on the pubic area or prepare a douche by mixing some water in the yogurt and use it daily.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

A highly acidic and effective solution, ACV is the ultimate choice to kill parasites. To prepare ACV douche, dilute it with plain water and use it every day, till you get positive results. By using ACV douche, you will not only flush out the infectious discharge but also remove some of the parasites. Due to its acidic nature, ACV creates a hostile environment for parasites and prevents further growth of the parasites. For every one teaspoon of ACV, use a quarter of water to prepare a balanced and effective douche.

7. Citric fruits

Vitamin Cis a natural immunity booster and so a healthy diet includes citric fruits like lemon, orange, and grapefruit. Citric fruits are also known to maintain the good gynecological health of the body. Eating citric fruits maintains the health of the cervix by producing the collagen and maintains the structural integrity of the cervical wall. This makes it hard for the infections to breed and also kills any parasite that pre-exists in the vagina.

8. Echinacea

The natural antibiotics present in the Echinacea, destroys the cellular walls of the parasite, especially Trich. It is also available in supplement form and one 200 mg capsule of Echinacea, four times a day is recommended to treat Trich. In case you are under medication, it is recommended you talk to your doctor before taking this dosage to avoid any side effects.

9. Water

Drinking lots of water is the easiest trick to improve your immunity. One should drink at least 8 to ten glasses of water every day to keep the body hydrated and also boost the immune system. Drinking enough water prevents the parasite from developing further.

10. Long Dan Chao Tea

Boiling the roots of this Chinese gentian root is an effective treatment for this STD. This root acts by destroying the microorganisms in the vagina, and it also reduces the pain caused by these parasites. It also discards the unpleasant vaginal discharge smell which is the prime reason for your embarrassment. It is easily available in Chinese pharmacies or Chinese supermarkets. Drinking this tea three times a day has considerable change on your system. You can add honey to improve the taste of the tea.

Most of the elements mentioned in this article have natural antibiotic properties, and so we are providing you with multiple options that can be easily available in your kitchen.

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