Wheezing can be an irritating and unbearable problem not just for the person suffering from it, but also for the partner of that person. Wheezing is a whistling sound that can be made while breathing. It may be a symptom of an illness or other condition. Wheezing is commonly seen in kids and mothers tend to think that it is just a sign of a cold. Wheezing at an early age is also an early warning of asthma in later life. Well, do not worry because in this article we have some of the best home remedies for wheezing.

10 Best Home Remedies For Wheezing

Wheezing in some cases may be ignorable but then if you feel difficulty or suffocation while breathing, then this is a severe medical condition that needs immediate attention. Wheezing is also a sign of asthma, and so in this article, we focus on some of the best natural remedies for asthma, which will surely provide you with immediate relief.

Here are some of the wheezing home remedies:

1. Ginger, Pomegranate, and Honey

The strong and pungent taste of ginger is known to heal wheezing since centuries. It is an age-old grandma’s home remedy for wheezing. To make it taste better and enhance its healing properties, we recommend that you use pomegranate juice and honey, which also help to treat this unwanted musical sound. Grind a handful of ginger into juice. Mix equal quantities of ginger juice, pomegranate juice, and honey. Drink one spoon of this concoction for at least 3-4 times a day until you get permanent relief in your condition.

2. Mustard oil

The heat in mustard oil is a naturally effective method to treat wheezing. Mustard oil has natural antibacterial and antifungal These properties effectively resolve difficulties while breathing and also treat the block in the respiratory passages. To use mustard oil for natural treatment of wheezing, heat the oil and apply it on your chest and your upper back. Massage the oil while it is still warm for a few minutes. This way you clear out the block in your respiratory passages, which provide you immediate relief from wheezing.

3. Figs

The natural nutrients and compounds present in the figs help drain out the phlegm from your system and eventually reduce the whistling sound that comes due to wheezing. Also, it heals the suffocation that comes due to asthma. Along with wheezing, figs also treat cardiovascular ailments, diabetes, controls blood pressure and other functions in the body. It is easy to use figs for wheezing. Buy some dry figs and soak them in water overnight. The next morning, eat these soaked figs and also drink the water they were soaked in. It is recommended to eat these figs on an empty stomach for better results. Repeat this for a few months for a long lasting result on the wheezing condition.

4. Eucalyptus oil

The mere smell of eucalyptus oil provides instant relief to a blocked nose. The active ingredients in eucalyptus oil are full of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal This is the reason why Eucalyptus oil is highly recommended to treat wheezing at home. To use this oil for wheezing, take a big bowl of water and heat the water to a near boiling temperature. Now add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to this hot water and inhale the steam coming out of this water.

To avoid the steam from escaping out, use a towel, bend over the bowl and cover your head with the towel. This remedy provides instant relief, but it is not a permanent solution to your problem. If you find difficulty in breathing due to wheezing, then add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to a towel and place this towel near your head while sleeping, this should help.

5. Carom seeds

The decongesting properties of the carom seeds do help in treating wheezing. These seeds can be used in multiple ways to get some relief from wheezing and coughing. Add a handful of carom seeds to a pot of boiling water and let the seeds steep in thoroughly, until the water changes its color. Now drink this solution every day on an empty stomach until you get some relief from the situation.

Another method would be to heat these carom seeds in a microwave. Now take a piece of muslin cloth and place these heated seeds in that cloth. Wrap the seeds around inside the cloth and place it on your chest. This will provide some relief from the situation. This treatment should be repeated every day, twice, once in the morning and once at night to get some effective relief from the situation.

6. Ginkgo Biloba

This is a rare but valued herb, especially in China. The Chinese have always used herbs following the ancient treatment methods. These methods have been proven to be effective even in these modern times. To use this herb, put it in a cup of boiling water till it seeps in for a couple of minutes. Now let this solution cool down and later drink it till the symptoms of wheezing disappear.

7. Red Chilies

In addition to imparting taste and flavor to your food, chilies are also rich in nutrients like vitamin A, B6 and C. They also contain potassium, copper, iron and so on. Due to these compounds, it has developed strong antibacterial and antifungal To control wheezing include red chilies in your regular diet.

8. Lobelia tea

Since ages, people have been consuming Lobelia tea to treat respiratory disease including asthma and related allergies. This herb is available in Canada and the USA. It may be allergic to a few people, and some may experience vomiting after consuming it. So it is highly recommended that you consult your doctor before using this herb. Under no conditions, you should use more than 500 mg of this herb in a single day as this may lead to serious complications.

9. Licorice Tea

This is yet another rare herb, but it is truly effective to treat wheezing. Just like Ginkgo Biloba, boil licorice in hot water and then drink this solution after it cools down. Repeat this for a few days, and you will surely get relief.

10. Fenugreek seeds

For wheezing, Fenugreek seeds should be put in a cup of boiling water. Let the color of the water change and then drink this solution on an empty stomach to get relief.

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