Since the evolution of humanity, dogs are known to be loyal pets. There are many areas where this beautiful animal can perform special tasks. Hence it is always loved by animal lovers. There are various species of dogs, and as per their physical attributes, they can survive in different areas. However, despite the difference of breeds, their essential functions remain same and hence the problems too.

10 Natural Remedies For Kennel Cough

Just like human beings, dogs also need love and care. They also feel the effects of atmospheric changes and suffer from various diseases. They can also be a victim of diseases such as cold and cough as well as fever. In many cases, the conditions are straightforward and easy to cure but the medical expenses are too high for the owner also to bear, and this innocent animal has to suffer for a longer period also. Here are some natural remedies for kennel cough in dogs.

1. Vitamins

kennel cough home remedies for dogs

Vitamins play a vital role in the process of recovering in dogs also. Vitamin C can help one to remove the bacteria and virus that cause a cough in dogs. The vitamin pills available in the market can help the dog to recover faster from a cough.

Though it depends on the weight of the dog, tablets with 500 mg can be of great help. One can mix these pills with the food or can also be given directly to the pet. Though it will not allow one to feed the pills directly, one has to make it swallow the pills in any way.

2. Garlic Pills

To recover the dog from a cough, the garlic pills are also much helpful. 500 mg garlic pills which are readily available in the market can help the dog to have a sound immune system and remove the bacteria of a cough.

3. Robitussin

Robitussin pills are also helpful to save the pet from a cough. It can be given to a pet that is of 2 years older or more. One may need to wait for almost a week to see the recovery of the pet and in the case still, the situation does not improve to consult a vet is inevitable.

4. Astragalus

home remedies for kennel cough in puppiesAstragalus is one of the best plants, which belong to the family of Leguminosae. They have disease-fighting hormones and help in boosting the immune system naturally. It has been widely used as an adaptogen (fights stress and other diseases) for centuries by the Chinese.

This Chinese herb is much useful to remove the infection from lungs and bronchial cells. It also helps the pet to have a healthy immune system and the pet to remove bacteria to be normal in a short period. It can be added to the food and make it eat repeated in 2-3 times a day.

5. Steam

The steam is the most powerful weapon in one’s hand to protect the pet and help it recover. It can be a bit tough to make the pet take steam but just try it by keeping it in lap and make it breathe steam from a vaporizer. One may need to hold it tight for some time while it inhales the steam and also sees that there must be a tolerable level of the steam. One may need to go for 2-3 sessions per day of 20 minutes can help the dog to recover in a few days only.

6. Hot Water Bath

Many of the dogs do not love to go for a bath. In the situation when it is not well and suffer from a cough, it may make all efforts to avoid the bath. Hence one needs to be a little sharp and play with it while making it a bath. The hot water and after the bath, and the dryer can be used to make it feel comfortable.

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7. Cough Syrup

A cough syrup is doubtlessly a good option for human beings, but at the same time, it can help the dog also that suffer from a kennel cough. One can check with a local pharmacy to have right syrup and feed the pet with the same. You may need to make the pet drink it with the help of a syringe also. Provide it thrice a day, and in a few days, the dog will be fine.

8. Cinnamon

The properties of Cinnamon help it useful for the dog also. Just make powder of the cinnamon and spread it on different foods of your pet. Be sure to grind the powder well before spreading it else the pet may easily throw it away and carry on with food.

9. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil also has properties that can help one to help the dog remove a kennel cough. It is a good option if the dog is too sharp with its smelling sense even in the case of a cough. Just add a teaspoonful of coconut oil to different foods as its antiviral properties can help the pet to clean the lungs and get relief from a cough in almost a week.

10. Lemon And Raw Honey

Honey can be used to help the pet counter the cough. For better results, one can also add a teaspoonful lemon juice to 2 teaspoonful honey and add the mixture to the food of the dog. The vitamin c can help the pet to remove a cough

11. Chicken Soup

The chicken soup is also a good option for the dog to get rid of a kennel cough. The soup can help the dog to clean the throat and improve the immunity also.

12. Echinacea

remedies for kennel cough dogsA cough can be the result of a weak immune system of a dog. The Echinacea can help the dog to remove the bacteria and virus that cause a kennel cough. One may need to continue this option till the pet is fully recovered.

These remedies can assist the dog owner to relieve the dog from a kennel cough which may be the result of an infection or a season change also. However, if these remedies are not able to provide the expected result, one must not waste time and see the expert with the pet. A fast cure can help the pet save from developing other health complications and infections. You must keep a watch on its health till it is fully recovered.